We have a dream that Together we will collect critical mass with enough resources to protect

our children's future, save humanity, and preserve Earth's biodiversity.  Every contribution counts.


Our first campaign is 'Be.Together for the Amazon'.

You can donate money, time, or resources directly to the fundraising for the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil with their current campaigns.

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Your contribution to Be. will empower the creation and maintenance of a global community social platform for sustainable education initiatives.

Be.Together for the Amazon is a global campaign raising awareness and emergency funds to aid and support the Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon Rainforest as they lead the quest to prevent the destruction of the tropical forest, averting the catastrophic ripple effects that could jeopardize all life on the planet.


The campaign will feature a re-birth of UNICEF’s 50th Anniversary anthem song “Together” launching on Earth Day, April 22, 2022 to build momentum through 2022, World Water Year.

There may not be a Planet B

But there is a Plan Be.

Donate to the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil and other vulnerable groups.


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