Be.Together Global Song Campaign

Our initiative, Be.Together for the Amazon is a global campaign raising awareness and emergency funds to aid and support the Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon Rainforest as they lead the quest to prevent the destruction of the tropical forest, averting the catastrophic ripple effects that could jeopardize all life on the planet.


The campaign will feature a re-birth of UNICEF’s 50th Anniversary anthem song “Together” launching on Earth Day, April 22, 2021 to build momentum through 2021, World Water Year.

The destruction of the Amazon Rainforest is on the verge of a tipping point. If immediate action is not taken to reverse course, the Amazon is projected to enter a process of self-destruction, leading to the transformation of the rainforest into a savannah, eventually.


The Indigenous Peoples have come out of the forest with a S.O.S. for us as citizens of Planet Earth. We have a matter of months to prevent this irreversible sequence of events that could make the Earth uninhabitable for humanity. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the destruction with the Indigenous guardians of the forest dying in record numbers.


We must act and act now.

Online. This is a worldwide campaign leveraging virtual events, digital media, and social technology to inspire millions of individuals and thousands of networks into collective action in support of Amazônia.


Be.Together for the Amazon is a campaign production of Be. As an emerging global platform for sustainable solutions and planetary action, Be. is working in close collaboration with APIB, the largest articulation of Indigenous Peoples in Brazil, and funds raised via the campaign will directly support the activities of APIB in the Amazon Rainforest.


Call to Action




S.O.S Amazonia

  1. Support Be.Together

  2. Host Watch Parties

  3. Spread the TRUE news

  4. Get aware and connected

  5. Find & Share New Petitions

  6. Contribute Talent or Materials 

  7. Reduce Conflict Consumption

  8. Join or Create a Support Group

  9. Write Lawmakers

  10. Buy Locally