About Us

Founded by Sol Food & Philosophy,
Be. is an educational social initiative focused on how we can live our lives with respect and awareness of Self, Others, and Life.
We Believe
Our individual actions have a ripple effect on our family and close network, our community, and the environment.
We can positively influence the future of human communities - individually and collectively.
Our Mission
Create positive change for individuals
by raising self awareness and respect for ourselves,
others, and life (the environment).
Create a community and marketplace for sustainable businesses.
Become a resource for people who want to live their life with awareness of self, others, and the environment. 
Our Vision
A more positive and sustainable world, where humanity and nature coexist in harmony. 
A world where individuals realize the power they have on their community and their environment, and CHOOSE to use that power for good by taking action (no matter how small) to live a more sustainable life.